• Laura of Shintolin


    August 14, 2018 by Laura of Shintolin

    Things I would like to draw at some point:

    • red plague
    • Jessie was wearing a wool dress in navy blue, with a collared shirt underneath. Her hair was braided to one side, the short braid just barely touching the collarbone at her right shoulder, and she had the glasses set so that she was looking over them as often as not, to better complete the ‘librarian’ look. It allowed her to give me a lot of ‘disappointed teacher’ looks.
    • She’d altered herself to the point that she looked more experiment than human.  Four white-feathered wings framed her.

    Her hair, skin and clothing were dusted white, too – she’d covered herself in a powder, and much of it had been concentrated on her head.

    The Duke made that amused sound. He turned, a little overdramatically…

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  • FossilLord

    Needed pages

    July 2, 2017 by FossilLord

    Content category pages
    Fan art
    Timeline: points of divergence. Hammering out when what happens happens.
    Wallston put into trivia about wallstoncraft and Shelly and Frankenstein
    Crown Empire
    Revrend Moar with the title of the Red Shepard Nobles:all of them:page for minor nobles The Ratios
    Parasites:what that entails references to the same
    Genevieve Fray and the links to Boil
    Acadamies→Pages for specific acadamies and their histories.
    Page on bioethics specifically how everyone is a person even the vat grown count as non-human persons, perhaps on the front page.

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  • FossilLord

    This being the type of fiction it is characters and groups will typically have multiple names for one group which don't always come up when they first show up. Regardless this wiki should try to post such material anyway so that a succinct information source is created.

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  • FossilLord

    naming conventions

    February 15, 2017 by FossilLord
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