The Crown Empire, also known as the Crown Kingdom is the bloated corrupt militaristic[1] version of the British government. It has allegedly conquered a third of the globe and the setting for Twig.


The Lord King sits on his throne and is the law and will of the people. Praise be to the Crown. The clarks come from where?

In truth the Academy has a larger share of control over the government then the actual [[Nobility]|aristocracy]].



It is hard to understand the true history of the empire given that it rewrites much of it to suit itself.[citation needed] Further academic institutions do not seem to be truly independent therefore removing any criticism.

They kept the newly conquered crown states small.[2]

References Edit

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  2. The Crown had made the Crown States small, so the nation was easier to control. They had isolated, so it was easier to exert power over populations. We’d simply taken advantage of that. Now we did much the same, dividing and conquering that which had already been separated and left vulnerable. - Excerpt from Dog Eat Dog 18.7