Dr. Ibott is a professor specializing in monstrous war beasts. He was challenged to do something different.


A genius can still be pathetic. Though his talents and discipline have gained him respect he has not adaquetly made use of it. While highly intelligent in biology and the sciences he lacks emotional intelligence.[1]


Project GalateaEdit

Was anything but fatherly toward her.[2]


a respected man, at the very least in redham.[3]


Keeps a controlled and cultivated appearance, passably good looking.[3]


His direct mentor made the largest sea beast of the day, though it was later outstripped in size. Ibott himself also focused on making gargantuan war beasts, like giants. Then he was challenged to do something differently.

Said to have specialist knowledge usually seen in whole teams of doctors. When designing Helen he tried to cover every possible angle of attack.[4]



Likely met or was influenced by Professor Ferres early in his career.[5]

Story StartEdit

Created project galatea




He misunderstood the emotional turmoil that Galatea was going through.

Increasingly involved in politics and neglected Galatea.[1]

It is unknown how he reacted to the reports of her death.


Was captured by his creation and her friends.


He was kept at what he was best at.


  • The surname is likely a matronomic from Ibbotta, a form of Isabela, linguistically related with Elizabeth, which goes back to the name Elisheba literally "god is my oath".
  • Though his surname has been spelled variously, likely due to Sylvester's faulty memory,[6] Ibott is the most common spelling and thus the one used here.

References Edit

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    But the Infante kept talking on the subject. “She will go to his lab for a standard appointment, bubbly, smiling and laughing. That preferred personality is in her records. She’ll be nonetheless obedient as he asks her to lay down across the counter and opens her up to examine her organs. And I can assure you, that spiteful, vitriolic little man will be in the midst of palpating her insides with a scalpel lying within arm’s reach, and he will find his way to the decision that frees him to pursue his politics. That is, if she doesn’t break before then, slip up, and lead him to the conclusion herself. Whatever the case, he will make a single small cut, deep inside her, and she will go quiet and cold.” - Excerpt from Black Sheep 13.4
  2. But for this, for this moment, she could put the eagerness away and be dead. She could delay the gratification.

    An idle part of her wondered if Ibbot ached. If he experienced this.

    She was his Galatea. The woman carved according to his design. She was to be the woman that would serve him and be his, in a way that an ordinary woman could never be. Child and wife and partner and yet neither. Impermanent. He delayed his gratification by nearly twenty years. She would become the woman he had wanted, and she would die a few years later.

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