For some reason these is not as big a deal in a world where big guns would be appreciated.

Something to look into later.

Machine guns are a thing.[1]

Exorcist RiflesEdit

Named for the ability to kill the "unholy" creations of the academy.[2] Through single shot they're high caliber bullets were effective against Stitched and War Beasts.[3]

Pain machine gunsEdit

Rapidly fired special 'black bullets' that would cause terrible pain. Perfect for creatures that do not commonly feel it.[4]

New RiflesEdit

These rifles are accurate at long ranges, outpacing the sound of their firing; the bullets are effective as well, expanding in the interskeletal armor that is so common in their intended targets: Nobles..[5][6] The bullets are close to hollow points in the real world

They were not as effective against later versions of nobles however.


  • Based on what was seen in text much of the creatures would not stand up to the Ammunition present in modern weaponry.

References Edit

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    I nodded. I’d seen the Duke in battle.

    These bullets penetrate that layer. That armor helps strips the outer shell off as the bullet passes through, and what remains unfolds and expands as an umbrella might,” Mauer said. His hand, all fingertips and thumb meeting, tapped my chest, hard, then opened up, fingers splaying. “The final part of the projectile sometimes punches through on exit, or joins the expanded metal in complicating the efforts of doctors and staff. Especially uncareful or hasty doctors might even do further harm to themselves, if an expanding bullet finishes expanding too near a prodding finger or working hand.” [...]“It might, if it hit hard bone, but no, it isn’t meant for ordinary people,” Mauer said. “The guns are long range, they’re accurate, and they’re felt before they can be easily reacted to. - Excerpt from Counting Sheep 9.17
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