A major antagonist of the lambs and possibly the saviour of mankind.


Black hair, fashionably styled and reaching at least below the chin.[1] Her eyes are dark and narrow, and she favours crimson lipstick. [2] She generally wears a short coat with skirt and boots. [3]


She took Wyvern as a student, and brewed her own to dose herself beyond the recommended limits. Shaped her brain as a generalist, able to pick up nearly anything.

Project EffectsEdit

Smarter, quicker on the uptake. Emphasised long term planning.

Claims it has weakened her long-term recall and emotional defences.[4]

Expiration DateEdit

Lost a few decades from Wyvern.[5]


Sy finds it difficult to figure her out. She seems to express her emotions openly,[6] but her end goals are always hidden. Her speciality is grand designs, large-scale actions that change everything. She wins people over by promising to save them, heal them, but the people closest to her are the ones too broken to heal.[7]


A disrupter and thinker and planner.

Highly circumspect

Was part of the Lambsbridge project.[8]


Departed Radham Academy in 1921, in the company of Walter Gund, she travelled between towns evading pursuit and setting up a plan to have the Crown's chemical leash and sterilisation plans activated years ahead of schedule. She met the Lambs of Lambsbridge, and she made them an offer to defect. Stitch in Time.

In 1922 or 1923, she aided the escape of Mavis Pardoe, alias Avis, from her imprisonment at the order of the Duke of Francis. In the spring of 1923, she organised a meeting of the fractured rebel factions at Brechwell, to unite against their enemies.




Was imprisoned.

References Edit

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