Helen was created by Dr. Ibott as his submission to the Lambs Project. She eventually was traded to Sylvester's Rebellion.


Helen is human derived but largely has non human coding. This plays into her personality. She has an understanding of humanity only a true outsider can. As such she is a highly skilled actress, an exceptionally fluent in body language.[1]

She likes messing with people,[2] in all meanings of the word. She cares about killing strong people and protecting those she loves.

She sees people through this lens wanting to crush her friends even when she would never willingly place herself in such a situation.


Loves, but does not Like nor Respect her creator, Professor Ibbot.


A poison flower of the female sex. Throughout the story she grows into an elegant young woman. On the inside she is unrecognisable as human.

Project GoalEdit

Helen Galatea Ibbot was created as a submission to the Lambs Project. After the Lambs, Helen would serve as a bodyguard and lover, and Caretaker for Ibbot.

Expiration DateEdit

Infante explained that her Expiration Date would be when Ibbot grew tired of maintaining Project Galatea due to his own political progress as an Academy Professor and/or the time it took from his other work, and would eventually disable vital functions during a checkup. This differed from the Rest of the Lambs who would have died due to how they were developed.


Was created as in response to a challenge from Professor Hayle to Professor Ibbot.

Followed Ibbot around, learning how to become more human-like from Actresses, socialites and more. At some point, Helen saw Nephilim One as Ibbot was called in to aid with maintenance.

Worked as a Lamb for several years, joining after Sylvester and Gordon, but before Jamie.

Was forced to defect to Sylvester's Rebellion alongside parts of Ashton as a trade for Professor Berger.



  • Named after Galatea, a statue that came to life and became her creator's wife.

References Edit

  1. “She uses the same body language techniques you tried to teach me.”

    Taught you,” I said. “Didn’t try. Please don’t malign my abilities. And I’ll tell you this. Those techniques? The framing of the body, posing, balance and clothing? Hers.”

    “Mine,” Helen said.

    “It’s what she does,” I said. “Except very natural. Spend time with her if you can. Study Helen. You can learn an awful lot, even if it’s hard to put into proper words. I studied her and figured out some tricks and techniques, but she’s a natural.” - Excerpt from Gut Feeling 17.7
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