Laureas is a town on the east coast of the Crown States.[1] It is the main setting of arc 15, Bitter Pill.


Laureas, named for the laurels of victory, had been the site of an early Crown victory. But something went wrong, and the town declined. People still live there, and it held a lacklustre Academy. [2]


The town sprawls around a bay. The port is at the north end, surrounded by slums; a ferry crosses the bay, back and forth. [3]


  • There's no proof but listen this place is totally meant to be an alt of Brockton Bay. It's even got a ferry!

References Edit

  1. “He found his way to Laureas,” Mary said. “Where?  I don’t know that place.  Or person.” “Place.  A smaller city, far east. - Excerpt from Lamb (Arc 14)
  2. Laureus, named for the laurels of victory, had been the site of an early victory, after the Crown had landed on the fledgling nation’s shores.  But it wasn’t a place that lived up to its name.  The local Academy had lost stature, the city hadn’t proven itself as a pivotal cog in the machine, or something else had gone wrong, and the foundation had rotted. It gave the sense of a place that had been abandoned.  The wooden growths that supported and reinforced local structures now played host to a new ecosystem that enjoyed close proximity to the ocean.  Algae-like slime grew on the wood, and where that slime dried out and died, it provided nutrition for weeds and saplings to find a foothold.  The lights within buildings weren’t strong, with much of it being candlelight and oil lanterns. But people occupied this place.  There was a high concentration of back-alley doctors here, which was starting to make sense, now that I’d been told about Beattle Academy’s approach to student intake and retention. Excerpt from Bitter Pill 15.1
  3. With that as our vantage point, as we crested the hill, I could take in Laureas from a distance.  The city sprawled, not a lot of it attractive.  A port at the north end, ships coming to and fro, with dilapidated slums where we’d found the strays and set up our headquarters.  A ferry crossed back and forth across the bay itself. Excerpt from Bitter Pill 15.16