The Plague Men are a product of the rebellion as their elite forces.[1]

Project GoalsEdit

Subjects are Immune to academy science by dint of already having all the infections.[2]

This was correctly theorized early in their deployment.[3]

They were originally equipted with "pain guns"

References Edit

  1. I prayed for the forces of Lugh to attack. A timely assault, a good bombing. Best if it hit the front lines, mostly stitched, but it would be an excuse to go, to run.

    The Baron.

    That meant the Duke was running the show on the Crown’s side. It was the equivalent of me trying to deal with plague men instead of ordinary soldiers. Elite, better at what they did, and very, very dangerous. - Excerpt from Counting Sheep 9.3
  2. Esprit de Corpse 5.1
  3. “I’m pretty sure the plague men are immune to poisons, parasites, and diseases,” I said, still blinking. “They have the firepower to gun down your monsters, and they’re zealous. Stitched are falling faster than they should, and your specialists, rank-and-file and officers are getting intimidated.” - Excerpt from Esprit de Corpse 5.15