Has opposable eyes, very good at shooting, sharp shooting and sniping, the whole kit and kaboodle.

Amiably lecheras.

Is a hunter.[1]

Only survivor of his group. Never looked back afterward.

Project GoalEdit

Superb eyesight, like crazy awesome. They can point in different directions and provide superb rangefinding.


  • Sanguine is the "blood" humor; it has a reputation for vitality, risk taking and confidence.[2] Strange given Sanguine is the sole surviver.

References Edit

  1. “Will he fire right away or will he second guess himself?” Jamie asked.

    “Neither,” I said. “He’s patient. The sanguine part of his personality makes him a patient hunter. Hard to ruffle. He won’t make that mistake again.” - Excerpt from Cut To The Quick 11.12
  2. Bloody optomistic
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