Whitney is one of the two main settings of arc 5, Esprit de Corpse.

Geography Edit

A little town in the Crown States, Whitney is in a mountain pass near the larger town Westmore.[1] Whitney was not designed or laid out with military purposes in mind, and wasn't easy to defend from attack. The buildings in the center were mainly shops, before Cynthia's rebels moved in.[2]


Cynthia's rebel faction began in Whitney. The mayor had less power than Ames, a coward of a former soldier[3], so the Lambs blackmailed him and had Helen pose as his daughter.

References Edit

  1. Whitney was an important location on a few fronts.  The location was the first one, and one so obvious that it was known to anyone who had looked at a map of the area.  It sat in a mountain pass, and it remained the closest location to Westmore that the Academy didn’t have control over.  Even for the Academy, it wasn’t cost effective to push through an area with limited mobility, ground too hard to dig trenches in.

    The Academy had been divided on how important the little town of Whitney was. - Excerpt from Esprit de Corpse 5.2
  2. Whitney wasn’t a city meant for warfare and the military.  The layout wasn’t organized in a way that made it easy to defend and hard to take.  The military leadership, Cynthia included, had wanted to situate themselves at the center, at the heart of things, except the buildings there were mostly shops.  They’d changed the buildings here and there, and made compromises elsewhere. - Excerpt from Interlude 5.x
  3. A lifetime ago, he’d gone to a black market doctor and found a way to avoid attending a major battle in service to the Academy, a wounded leg and a bad infection. He’d survived when many of his colleagues hadn’t, had then been able to boast a rare level of experience, when so many who had fought in the battles he had had died. Now he was here, and he’d sided with the rebellion. Excerpt from Esprit de Corpse 5.3